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We believe that our job is not only to the direct benefit of our clients but will result in the rising of the selling and service standards of our country. This is in the interest of all of us.

Mystery Shopping

The programme

The position of Mystery Shopping in the strategic activity of the company – customer oriented service, satisfied consumer

The Mystery Shopping is a customer-oriented service for you and your company, and an efficient tool to create a base of satisfied consumers who return to you.

Consumer requirements and impressions are quite varied. Being familiar with them is indispensable to reach strategic goals and during the control process. The exploration of unsatisfied consumer needs efficiently helps not only the work of marketing experts but also the whole management, furthermore it is an important part of the quality and frontline control.

Unsatisfied consumer needs are usually originating from either certain products or services do not provide suitable solutions, or the service process is inadequate.

Mystery Shopping and the MSS analysis (Mystery Shopper Survey) is suitable to filter these problems, contributes to the improvement of the consumer assessment of the quality of service, helps to reach satisfaction, and strengthens the determination to buy again.

With the help of Mystery Shopping you will have the opportunity to ”look in the mirror”, and to see your company in there through the eyes of your customers – and that is the most efficient way to ”be in charge” of the consumer quality image. ...and this is only one area of use...