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We believe that our job is not only to the direct benefit of our clients but will result in the rising of the selling and service standards of our country. This is in the interest of all of us.


About Us

The SMartResearch Ltd. has been created to help the spreading of customer-oriented device and attitude by providing first hand information about the experiences and views of the consumer side. In recent years our company has become a dominant company of the market of customer satisfaction surveys.

Among our customers there are small businesses as well as multinational companies. Recent years it has been proved that there is a great need for the consumer side examination of the commercial and the service sector.

Our company is implementing Mystery Shopping surveys according to two methods. These two methods are the ”Virgin Eye” Mystery Shopping and the ”Qualified Intelligence” Mystery Shopping. The VeMyS (”Virgin Eye”) evaluates the given business or branch office with the help of laymen, as the average customer is not a professional. We think that in this method it is important that the subjective consumer side gets the appropriate emphasis. Our surveys are done by potential everyday customers who do not receive special education. During QI (”Qualified Intelligence”) the tests are done by customers similar to an interrogator. In this case only the objective points of view can be examined, although these points of view are recorded more accurately, according to the expectations of the client.

In the interest of easier comparability, the results of our surveys of both methods are converted into numbers, according to a score system. In the case of VeMyS, we always emphasise the individual and subjective impressions provided by the testing customer after completing the test.

Our continuously growing circle of customers is justifying the rightness of our point of view, according to which the outcome of the given deal is affected by the customer impressions created at all levels of entering into a contract, and during the relation between the environment and the consumer-seller.